Two Strand Twist Maintenance

Yall, I actually still have my twists! I put them in last Sunday, and as tempted as I am to take them out for my twist out, I will not! I have a fall/winter goal to really focus on growth. I miss my shoulder length hair. I plan to wear a protective style for a week or two, then a glam style for a week. This will keep my hair from getting tangled and those pesky knots from forming. Talked to a fellow naturalista and she talked about how a multivitamin for hair and nails have helped her, so I may give it a try.

Ok, back to my twists! I used HairOne to wash (review coming soon) and Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue to twist. It gave a great hold as usual. I have had to wet and re-twist a few here and there, but I blame that on my hair texture. I use my shea butter mixture daily and the Mango and Lime No more Itch Gel for my scalp periodically. I'm not too fond of the style itself because I look like a 12 yr old, but I think its all worth the length to come! lol
For more tips on two strand twists, click here


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