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Brazilian Blowout....ABC News discusses its safety

What are Your Experiences with The Brazilian Blowout?

So You Think My Kinks Are Nappy?

I had an interesting (yet disturbing) conversation this weekend with a male counterpart. We were watching T.V when this news anchor he deemed very attractive appeared. To make a long story short, the discussion of her beauty leads to the topic of hair. He loved her long straight hair because it represented class and beauty. Then he proceeds to say ghetto girls in the hood have nappy natural hair (as he gives me the side eye to say "no pond intended"). "If you don't believe me, ride to the hood and count the nappy heads you see". By now my mouth is dropped!

Protective Style for Kids

Here, I did flat twist in the front and took loose twists and pinned them into a bun. Great for the Winter months and protects the ends.

Interview with Free from 106 & Park

Check out the article from Free (former 106 & Park host) inspired by

Sesame Street Teaches Self-Esteem via ABCNews


I Whip My Hair Back and Forth!

Check out the premiere video of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair". This lil 9-yr-old diva has me wanting whip my hair back in forth! Oh wait! Sesame Street had to whip it too! Fraggle Roc Nation Remix...cute! SN: the actual song to this video is "I Love My Hair" and you can listen to it here

Jill Scott at the 2010 Black Girls Rock Awards

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Product Haul from Vitacost

Great workout styles...What's yours?

  Source So, I started my DAY 1 P90x Challenge **what the blipblopblue am I thinking** Well, I'm thinking "I am way over my comfort zone of weight" and now I have to do something about it! Clothes don't fit anymore and I'm one of those women who are in denial and I refuse to go out and buy more clothes. TIME FOR A CHANGE .

31 Days of Giveaways

Its not to late to enter Great prizes! 31 Days of Giveaways : "Enter for your chance to win one of 31 daily giveaways on!"

Design Essentials for Naturals: Have you tried it?

I'm really excited to hear that Design Essentials has unveiled their product line for naturals. This new line is paraben, silicone, paraben, paraffin, petrolatum, mineral oil, and fragrance free!! The line includes a shampoo, conditioner, daily moisturizing lotion, defining creme gel, and a stretching creme. I will definitely give this line a try (product junkie #firststepadmit). Have any of you ladies tried this line and have reviews? Psss....check out Design Essentials products here

Product Review: Hair One

Received my Curl Defining Cream!

 Source:  Yippee! I received my sample of Jane Carter Solution's Curl Defining Cream in the mail today. Its a light-weight natural cream that is supposed to reduce shrinkage and define your curls more. Great for wash and goes! I can not wait to try this product and of course you all will be the first to know how it works on my 4b hair. For more of Jane Carter Solutions, click here or visit your local Target.

Guest Blogger: Kiiannah "kiki" Johnson

"The Real Reason I decided to go Natural" High school pic, hair was relaxed and thin back then I don’t really remember my natural hair. I think most women of color with relaxed tresses don’t. I remember sitting in my mother’s kitchen with a big jar of hair grease (bergamot, to be exact) and holding on to my ears for dear life as she scalded and scorched my hair. The kitchen was filled with smoke and the strong odor of burning hair.

Celebrity Glam: Sophie Okonedo

Image,, This Britain born Jewish/Nigerian actress is best known for her role in Hotel Rwanda and the Secret Life of Bees. She was recently honoured by the Queen with the Order of The British Empire

Sulfates in Hair Products