Protective Styling: Marley Twists

This is such a late post but I just wanted to share my protective style of choice I have rocked this past few weeks. YouTube was my friend on 'how to' for this one. I used the invisible root method where you are twisting from the scalp instead of the braid/twist method. It took a minute to get used to, but once you catch on its not so bad. I used 4 packs of Marley Braid Hair with 2 different colors. I sectioned my hair in medium parts and used 2 strands of the marley hair to make it thick. If done quickly and nonstop, I think it would have taken me about 4 hours, but I procrastinated and split my time. I will definitely be using this style again .


  1. I looooove those! I've done them myself (I'm not a braider) and used one per section. It took forever and 7 bags of hair! I'm going to try your way and only do the outside so I can wear in a bun.

  2. I LOVE your Marley Twist! I am thinking about getting this style for the first time. My hair is relaxed so I'm not sure how they will come out. So I have a couple of questions for you lol ..First I love the brown color mixed in your twist. Do you remember what that color is called? and how many packs of brown did you buy to blend it? Also, what kind of Marley hair did you use? I love the shine to it :) Thank you in advance!

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