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Working out with Natural Hair

I am trying my best to stay in shape! There is a little culprit who is trying to keep me away from the gym. We have a love/hate relationship.....MY NATURAL HAIR!

Bad Hair Habit...Am I Alone?

Okay, I have been fully natural for about two months now, and I tend to wear my hair in protective styles such as twists or rods. My hair is growing and its been great but I have this nagging little habit!!

Shea Butter

Image by daveynin via Flickr Like everyone else, I have heard so many positives about shea butter. I finally decided to try it. I purchased African Shea Butter from a local beauty supply store by  RA cosmetics .

Natural Hair Journey 1 year

CurlReading on

CurlReading on : "Natural hair website for curly, wavy, kinky, frizzy, natural and afro textured hair. Natural hair tips, styles, product reviews, salon listings, and bulletin board for wavy curly kinky nappy, black, biracial and multiracial hair."