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Out with the Old...In with the New

Source Most of us product junkies and new naturals have had many trials and errors this year finding products that work for our hair. I have found a few products that are tried and true and some that I will not be taking into 2011. My new staples are: Hair One cleansing conditioner Kinky Curly's Knot Today leave in conditioner Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue Kamaza Care's Califia Care Styling Pudding shea butter jojoba oil coconut oil glycerin and rose water. Products I plan to leave behind because they just don't work well with my hair : Cantu's Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream Kinky Curly's Come Clean shampoo Aubrey Organics' GPB conditioner Giovanni's Smooth As Silk shampoo Carol's Daughter's Mimosa Hair Honey  SN: Here are some products i'm newly trying and the verdict is still out: AfroVeda's Tacuma Butter Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar  AfroVeda's Shea Amla Whipped Butter Cream Kamaza Care's Calif

Hair Color

As you know back in November I colored my hair with Dark n Lovely's Brown Cinnamon. So far so good. I have not noticed any damage and I have not changed my regimen. My hair is still growing at its normal pace (about half an inch thus far). Its actually easier to keep up with my growth now that I have this two tone thing going!

How Long is Too Long to Wash?

Source I have read and heard sooooo many different opinions, its all becoming a blur. Growing up I always heard "wash your hair every two weeks because washing dries it out" from everyone, so that is what I did. My hair was down to my bossom so I thought it was true. In adulthood, I began hearing, "black women can wash their hair once a week but no more". Once I entered the natural world, my world was turned upside down! I start to see people say water = moisture and the more your hair receives, the better. My hair has always grown in either situations, so my question is Does it really matter whether or not you wash your hair every other day or every two weeks and does it effect how your hair grows? 

Go Ms. Sassy its ya Birthday!

Hey ladies! Today, i'm celebrating my born day. Blessed to make it to 29! This year has been eventful by far. I'm now 6 months into my natural journey **whooohoo** and loving every minute of it. Starting this blog and my Youtube channel has become a great hobbie of mine. I enjoy sharing my journey with my fellow naturals and lovely transitioners. Look forward to growing and being able to expand my fantastic journey with you ladies! Learning, Living...and Loving my Natural!

Beauty Store Owner Talks About the Hair Industry

  Source: Due to an unexpected tragedy, I traveled to Dallas, Texas this past weekend. Of course I had to check out a beauty supply store that sells natural hair care products. By recommendation, I stopped in Plano, Texas at 3 Sisters Beauty Supply store. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners Ricky and Nikki Crawford. What a pleasant visit! On first glance, both Ricky and Nikki were hard at work with a pretty little girl helping her dad. I was immediately greeted by Nikki and she complimented me on my hair style. She was very helpful in helping me find the products I wanted. We briefly discussed the scarcity of black owned beauty supply stores in my area. It was interesting to find out the 3 Sisters are actually their 3 beautiful daughters. I decided to check out their website and found an interesting article written on the store. Thought I would share it with you guys. This is why it is soooo important to support our black owned beauty supply stores. Check

Reporter Goes Natural

Reporter Rochelle Ritchie of WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida decided to go natural after years of wear and tear from extensions. Click here to read her story

Ford Model Sabina Karlsson

Source: MadisionPlus Sabina is a red headed Swedish model who has been in the business since she was only 5. Now, she has become a plus sized model for Ford Models, and is just as beautiful! Go girl!! Click here  for more on Sabina.

Hydracap Product Review


I Colored My Hair!

Dark n Lovely Brown Cinnamon I decided to go ahead and color my hair about two weeks ago! So far, so good. No damage and I have been deep conditioning every two weeks as usual. I'm still using Hair One in Olive Oil to cleanse my hair. I used Dark and Lovely's Brown Cinnamon. I think its a pretty natural color for my skin tone.

 What do you think?

My Length Check...May 2010-October 2010

fro on the left still had relaxer on tips I have been doing a horrible job with keeping up with my growth! I went through my photos to see what I can come up with to show you all my growth from May to October. I started taking the multivitamins for hair about a month ago, so I can not give feedback on their contribution to my growth. Of course I couldn't keep the scissors away from my hair, so I snipped here and there to even out my hair. I really notice my growth. When I first big chopped, my hair barely touched my ear. Now, when it is stretched, it is to my neck on the side. In the front, it touches my chin.

Who's Still Taking Your Money? Black Hair Documentary

Many of us have seen Aron Ranen's Black Hair documentary before, but I always find it interesting. It is the reality that our culture still face and does not seem to be changing Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Brazilian Blowout....ABC News discusses its safety

What are Your Experiences with The Brazilian Blowout?

So You Think My Kinks Are Nappy?

I had an interesting (yet disturbing) conversation this weekend with a male counterpart. We were watching T.V when this news anchor he deemed very attractive appeared. To make a long story short, the discussion of her beauty leads to the topic of hair. He loved her long straight hair because it represented class and beauty. Then he proceeds to say ghetto girls in the hood have nappy natural hair (as he gives me the side eye to say "no pond intended"). "If you don't believe me, ride to the hood and count the nappy heads you see". By now my mouth is dropped!

Protective Style for Kids

Here, I did flat twist in the front and took loose twists and pinned them into a bun. Great for the Winter months and protects the ends.

Interview with Free from 106 & Park

Check out the article from Free (former 106 & Park host) inspired by

Sesame Street Teaches Self-Esteem via ABCNews


I Whip My Hair Back and Forth!

Check out the premiere video of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair". This lil 9-yr-old diva has me wanting whip my hair back in forth! Oh wait! Sesame Street had to whip it too! Fraggle Roc Nation Remix...cute! SN: the actual song to this video is "I Love My Hair" and you can listen to it here

Jill Scott at the 2010 Black Girls Rock Awards

Questions View Results

Product Haul from Vitacost

Great workout styles...What's yours?

  Source So, I started my DAY 1 P90x Challenge **what the blipblopblue am I thinking** Well, I'm thinking "I am way over my comfort zone of weight" and now I have to do something about it! Clothes don't fit anymore and I'm one of those women who are in denial and I refuse to go out and buy more clothes. TIME FOR A CHANGE .

31 Days of Giveaways

Its not to late to enter Great prizes! 31 Days of Giveaways : "Enter for your chance to win one of 31 daily giveaways on!"

Design Essentials for Naturals: Have you tried it?

I'm really excited to hear that Design Essentials has unveiled their product line for naturals. This new line is paraben, silicone, paraben, paraffin, petrolatum, mineral oil, and fragrance free!! The line includes a shampoo, conditioner, daily moisturizing lotion, defining creme gel, and a stretching creme. I will definitely give this line a try (product junkie #firststepadmit). Have any of you ladies tried this line and have reviews? Psss....check out Design Essentials products here

Product Review: Hair One

Received my Curl Defining Cream!

 Source:  Yippee! I received my sample of Jane Carter Solution's Curl Defining Cream in the mail today. Its a light-weight natural cream that is supposed to reduce shrinkage and define your curls more. Great for wash and goes! I can not wait to try this product and of course you all will be the first to know how it works on my 4b hair. For more of Jane Carter Solutions, click here or visit your local Target.

Guest Blogger: Kiiannah "kiki" Johnson

"The Real Reason I decided to go Natural" High school pic, hair was relaxed and thin back then I don’t really remember my natural hair. I think most women of color with relaxed tresses don’t. I remember sitting in my mother’s kitchen with a big jar of hair grease (bergamot, to be exact) and holding on to my ears for dear life as she scalded and scorched my hair. The kitchen was filled with smoke and the strong odor of burning hair.

Celebrity Glam: Sophie Okonedo

Image,, This Britain born Jewish/Nigerian actress is best known for her role in Hotel Rwanda and the Secret Life of Bees. She was recently honoured by the Queen with the Order of The British Empire

Sulfates in Hair Products

Two Strand Twist Maintenance

Yall, I actually still have my twists! I put them in last Sunday, and as tempted as I am to take them out for my twist out, I will not! I have a fall/winter goal to really focus on growth. I miss my shoulder length hair. I plan to wear a protective style for a week or two, then a glam style for a week. This will keep my hair from getting tangled and those pesky knots from forming. Talked to a fellow naturalista and she talked about how a multivitamin for hair and nails have helped her, so I may give it a try.

Lazy Natural...At Times

I have been completely natural for almost 4 months now and I am truly enjoying this experience. I do not plan to go back to the relaxer! I the only one who gets lazy? Maybe its because I transitioned for almost a year before BCing? Usually when I style my hair, it takes a few hours to achieve my results, and the style usually lasts about a week or two. That's pretty good I guess, but sometimes I dread the styling process! Thank God for the pony puff. Its quick and easy. Maybe I need to go to a stylist? Are there any other naturals or transitioners who have hit a lazy era. If you have been through it, what are some tips to get out of it?

Jamaican Mango and Lime Product Review

Braid Out

Two Strand Twist *UPDATE*

Curly Fro

Today I tried to refresh my curls by dampening them with water and my homemade leave in, twisting in bigger chunks, and then putting them into bantu knots. The result was a very soft curly fro. Not my best, but it will do. The leave in conditioner I use is one created by kimmaytube on youtube. Its great so check her out!

Solange Knowles' New Look

Source: I am really digging Solange’s new look! I checked out her interview with and she talks about her new style and what inspired her "vivrant" mane. She is still rocking the cropped cut, but this is just some “added” flavor. I’m a fan out it. What do you think? Click here for the full interview

$1 Million Locks

Source: Sports News According to the Associated Press, Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamala’s locks have been insured by Head and Shoulders for $1 million. Now those are some special three feet long locks! Check them out. His Samoan curls are gorgeous. Related articles by Zemanta Head & Shoulders Insures Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu's Hair for $1 Million (

A Male's Perspective of Natural Hair (Video)

Saying Goodbye to the Relaxer?

Image by lovers v haters via Flickr I read something posted by Miss Jessie’s that says surveys suggest that by 2011, relaxer usage will decline 23%. That is a big drop! So, why the big decline? Are more women realizing the versatility and beauty of their hair? Is it a fad? Is it rebellion? Is it that we are learning just how unhealthy the relaxer is? Or, maybe it’s all of the above? Whatever the case, I’m proud to be a part of the movement! Why do you think more women are saying goodbye to the relaxer?

Twists for Girls

Here, I tested out my skills on the lil Miss!

Two Strand Twist Video

Random Dancing By My Son (Video)

Banana Hair Mask

Making Curls Last 3 weeks (Video)

Common Ingredients in Hair-Care Products

If any of you naturalistas like to know what you are putting in your hair, here is a great article by naturally curly that will give you a lot of info on what some of those "hard to pronounce" ingredients are: P.S. A little hint from Curly Nikki....Get your product to look at all those foreign words then pull the article up and hit ctrl+F to type in the words!

Apple Cidar Vinegar Treatment

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a great addition to your hair routine. It’s no secret and its benefits are ancient in use. Hair acidity levels are between 4.5 and 5.5, which is very close to apple ACV (2.9). A lot of the products are heavy alkaline and are harsh on our hair. ACV balances out the pH levels in hair and get rid of the product build up. ACV has also been known to help with dandruff, hair loss, itchy scalp, and hair lice. It can be used once or twice a week or how you see fit. I apply to my hair every third wash. 1. Mix 1 Tbl spoon to 1 cup of warm distilled water. You can use a spray bottle or a squeeze bottle 2. Apply to hair and scalp after shampooing. Cover with shower cap for 30 min to 1 hour 3. Condition afterwards

Celebrity Glam: Esperanza Spalding

2010 Noble Peace Prize Concert You may remember Esperanza Spalding from this year’s BET 2010 Award’s show. This bilingual 25-year old jazz bassist, singer, and professor, has a sound that will serenade you. I love Precious and I Know You Know from her 2008 album Esperanza . We love her over-sized fro right?!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is great for the hair. It contains the acting antioxidant vitamin E. It leaves your hair stronger and with a beautiful shine. Extra virgin olive oil is always the best to yous because it has been cold pressed and doesn't contain chemicals. You can find extra virgin olive oil just about anywhere these days. Check your grocery store or organic food stores. Here is a great pre-treatment you can follow: Treat it like a hot oil treatment. Sit it into a bowl of warm water for a few minutes Apply oil to dry hair. Be sure to cover scalp as well Afterwards, apply a shower cap and wrap it with a warm towel for approx. 30 min. (or cover with shower cap only and take a shower) Remove cap and preoceed to shampoo and condition as usual BTW, did I mention that you can buy some right here from this site?

Naomi Campbell's Hair Whoas

At one of Naomi's latest photo shoot, her apparent case of Traction Alopecia is causing a buzz in the hair world. This condition comes from tension or "pulling" of the hair over a long period of time. Styles such as braids and hair weave contribute. It is very prevelent in the African American community. If caught early, this condition is repairable, but if not, it can be permanent damage. Hopefully in Naomi's case it isn't. So, ladies "take cur of yo hur". Extensions, braids, kinky twist, etc are great to wear, but let your scalp and hair rest afterward.

Ouidad's 4 Minute Curls Rake and Shake Contest

Visit here to enter!

Alicia Keys' Wedding Hair Style

Its no secret that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were wedded on July 31, 2010 at a private residence overlooking the beautiful Medditerranean Sea, but look at this nataral mommy-to-be's classic chignon. She topped it with a gorgeous custom made jeweled headpiece designed by Jacob the Jeweler. For more celebrity naturals, click here