History of the Relaxer

Eleven years is how long I spent putting a relaxer in my head. All of the many relaxers I have slathered or had someone else slather in my head have cost approximately $3000, and that is only the relaxer. In July of 2009 I decided that enough was enough. I was tired of my hair breaking and not growing to its fullest potential, split ends, and chemical burns. I wanted my hair to be the way it was intended to be.
 While getting all those relaxers, not once did I ever think “where does the relaxer come from and who’s behind it”…..until now. So, who thought of the quick way to permanently straighten our hair? His name is Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. Born in Paris, Kentucky in 1877, Morgan was a gifted inventor. He invented the 3 position traffic signal and a fire safety gas mask. He stumbled upon the key ingredient in a relaxer when he was working as a clothing manufacturer. He developed a lubricant that made the needles smooth enough to go through fabric without tearing it. Morgan went on to patent his hair refining cream and created G.A Morgan Hair Refining Company. A very talented man indeed!

Needless to say, after finding out the history, the first thing that entered my mind was “they smoothed out needles with this stuff?” Harsh beginnings to straight end for me! I love being newly natural again. It gives me a great since of pride and celebration in who I am. I can twist it, pick it, and even straighten it if I want, but at the end of the day I can go right back to my fro.

Morgan was a great inventor, but God invented the fro, curls, etc, and he is the greatest inventor of all….think I’ll stick with that.


  1. Thanks for giving the background of the hair relaxer. I've heard of Garrett A. Morgan and knew that he invented the trhee way traffice signal but did not know that he invented the first hair relaxer. We are innovative people, aren't we? Love you site. Curly Nikki sent me ;-)

  2. Yes, we are definitely the inventors of many! Creativity is our middle name. Thanks. Love Curly Nikki!

  3. Im so proud to hear of you being so proud to be natural. I only wish I had your courage. I have thick ....very thick hair all thought I want to be natural so bad im so scared to take the first step


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