Great workout styles...What's yours?

So, I started my DAY 1 P90x Challenge **what the blipblopblue am I thinking** Well, I'm thinking "I am way over my comfort zone of weight" and now I have to do something about it! Clothes don't fit anymore and I'm one of those women who are in denial and I refuse to go out and buy more clothes. TIME FOR A CHANGE.
 As I embark on this get fit in 90 days journey, I was thinking of styles that will compliment my regimen. This is a intense kick bootay routine and I will be doing a lot of sweating. My staple style (twist out) probably won't be the best because they probably won't last long. I'm thinking protective styling is my best option. I have a few ideas but looking for more.

two strand twists


flat twists

Click here to learn more about P90x if you are interested. Would love to share this journey with others



  1. how is the P90 workout going Ms. Sassy?

  2. @Mariapalito It is at a stand still right now! I feel like I need to start over. I had some emergencies to come up that have taken me away

  3. do you have a tutorial for the flat twist hairstyle? I want to do my hair in that same style.

  4. I don't have one on that particular style, but maybe I can later


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