So You Think My Kinks Are Nappy?

I had an interesting (yet disturbing) conversation this weekend with a male counterpart. We were watching T.V when this news anchor he deemed very attractive appeared. To make a long story short, the discussion of her beauty leads to the topic of hair. He loved her long straight hair because it represented class and beauty. Then he proceeds to say ghetto girls in the hood have nappy natural hair (as he gives me the side eye to say "no pond intended"). "If you don't believe me, ride to the hood and count the nappy heads you see". By now my mouth is dropped!

I refrained from getting angry and simply explained to him that kinky hair represents our heritage and should be one we are proud of. If a woman chooses to wear her hair in its natural state, she should be just as attractive as the woman who chooses to wear straight hair. Versatility is a beautiful thing!
So, maybe a hour later he walks in to see me looking at a fellow You tuber of the natural community and is gawking over how gorgeous she is with her long straight hair (he wasn't aware she was natural). He asked me for her name so he could look her up...two minutes later I hear a sigh of disgust. "Oh, never mind, she is not what I thought she was" (referencing to the screenshots of her hair in its natural state).

With recent posts of the "Ghetto Fab" Wig and hearing comments like this, it makes me wonder how many people actually share the same negative opinion of women who choose not to relax! Good thing we have songs like India Arie's "I Am Not My Hair" and Sesame Street's latest "I Love My Hair". Women and girls need to know it is ok to be who you are and know that it is just hair....Whew! Ok I'm done venting

Have you had negative experiences like mine? If so, how did you respond?


  1. My only complaint is that I did not realize that these diaperss did not have the stretch in the waist. Otherwise, exactly what it says it is! Plus, free delivery. I was very happy.


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