Here is a video of my one year transition.

 Tips For Transitioners
  • Do what is comfortable for you!
    • You can choose to do the Big Chop (BC) or you can stretch it out
    • Realize it takes patience and a lot of trial and error
    • Get to know your hair and don't be discouraged if the method Kesha uses does not make your hair look like hers!
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
    • The point where your natural hair and relaxed hair meets is very fragile, so treat it with care
    • Water=Moisture! Forget what you heard. Water is good for you hair. Keep it clean
  • Wear protective styles
  • Deep condition at least once a month
    • Use your favorite conditioner and cover with a shower cap and sit under a dryer for approx 20 min
  • Detangle with conditioner in wet hair
  • Invest in a Detangling comb/brush
    • Denman brush works great for some
    • wide tooth comb
  • Find products that work with your hair (I personally prefer all natural products/sulfate free)
  • Use Minimal Heat because heat damages
  • Protect hair at night
    • satin bonnet
    • silk/satin scarf
    • satin/silk pillow case

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