Natural Diva Spotlight: My Mommy!!

Twist Out

After a couple years of suggesting and pleading.....She finally agreed to let the relaxer go. NO LYE! lol

The Why
For various reasons, my Mom's hair was beginning to thin and break off and the harsh chemicals every 6 weeks was not helping. She finally decided to give her tresses a break and July 2012 was the last time she put a relaxer in

The How
Wigs are a lady's best friend!

Pretty simple regimen. Keep it washed and minimal heat applied. I used henna to color her very few and far between grays (shhhh!). I used Moroccan henna from Henna Sooq....great place!

Happily Ever After
I am happy to report that her hair is getting stronger, growing, and she only has normal hair shedding. As of yesterday, she is completely natural!!

*****Keep Learning, Living, and Loving Your Natural Hair

Ms. Sassy

I am a mother, sister, child, and friend. I wear many hats and each of them make up what I call my fabulous life! In my spare time, I love blogging/vlogging about my journey of claiming my natural hair and more. I dedicate this blog to that journey

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