Shea Butter

100% Natural African Shea ButterImage by daveynin via Flickr
Like everyone else, I have heard so many positives about shea butter. I finally decided to try it. I purchased African Shea Butter from a local beauty supply store by RA cosmetics.
What I got is what they call "yellow" shea butter. Now, I have read so many reviews on what is "real" unrefined shea butter. I honestly don't know what to believe, so if you have clarity, please feel free to comment. So, I tried it on my dry hair and first observation was the smell. It is sort of smokey and it isn't anything strong. Second observation was that it was thick but once rubbed in my hands, it melted. Last observation (and the most important).....the shine it gave my hair was amazing!! It produced a noticeable gloss that makes my hair look healthy. I will continue to use and see results!
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