Naomi Campbell's Hair Whoas

At one of Naomi's latest photo shoot, her apparent case of Traction Alopecia is causing a buzz in the hair world. This condition comes from tension or "pulling" of the hair over a long period of time. Styles such as braids and hair weave contribute. It is very prevelent in the African American community. If caught early, this condition is repairable, but if not, it can be permanent damage. Hopefully in Naomi's case it isn't. So, ladies "take cur of yo hur". Extensions, braids, kinky twist, etc are great to wear, but let your scalp and hair rest afterward.


  1. That is so true. I have found that Olive Oil products work wonders for stimulating the scalp and keeping the moisture too. I use the Olive Oil shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, pudding gel, and T-tree products.

  2. @very very blessed, I am a fan of their products as well. Back when I had relaxers, that was the brand I used.


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