How Long is Too Long to Wash?

I have read and heard sooooo many different opinions, its all becoming a blur. Growing up I always heard "wash your hair every two weeks because washing dries it out" from everyone, so that is what I did. My hair was down to my bossom so I thought it was true.

In adulthood, I began hearing, "black women can wash their hair once a week but no more". Once I entered the natural world, my world was turned upside down! I start to see people say water = moisture and the more your hair receives, the better.

My hair has always grown in either situations, so my question is

Does it really matter whether or not you wash your hair every other day or every two weeks and does it effect how your hair grows?


  1. It depends on what you wash your hair with. My hair is chemical free (7 years), but I flat iron it strait once a week after washing. During the really hot summer months I wash twice a week. When I don't flat iron I still use shampoo once a week and then co-wash with conditioner every other day. You just have to make sure you keep the moisture level balanced for your particular hair type.

  2. I cowash my hair at least twice a week in the winter and anywhere from 2-4 times a week in the summer. I may actually shampoo once every 1-2 weeks only because I use a lot of product for protective styling and when I can feel the buildup, I need a good lather.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I also think it depends on your hair. Just like some people have thick hair and others have thin. As for me, I wash mine about once a week, sometimes twice a week.


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