Tip of the Day: Transitioning

More and more women are deciding to let go of their chemical relaxers. I get a lot of women that approach me and have questions about the process because they are interested. The number one question I get is "How did you do it?" So, here are a few tips:

1. Patience this is not a quick and easy process for most. If you are not comfortable yet with the BIG CHOP please DON'T! Keep your long hair as long as you can tolerate

2. Be Gentle the line between your new growth and your relaxed hair is very fragile. Detangle with ease when washing and keep your hair conditioned.

3. Trim keep your ends trimmed to diminish split ends (plus it speeds up your transitioning process to cut little by little).

4. Mask at some point in time it will become noticeable that you have two different textures in your hair and wearing it straight may no longer be an option. Try different curly styles to mask that line such as rods, bantu knots, Curlformers, flexirods, etc. I do not usually recommend extensions because they cause stress on your hair if done tightly.

5. DO THINGS YOUR WAY it's all about trial and error. There are plenty of YouTube videos, blogs, and websites to help you along your journey. Find what works well with your hair and good luck!

For more transitioning tips click here.


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