Guest Blogger: To Old To Be Natural?

Guest Blogger Sabrina writes:

OK, I turned 40 last year and it's only been five years I've been relaxer free but only two years I've been completely Natural and nurtured my curls. Now, I was little in the 70's and by the time I was a teen relaxers were BIG BUSINESS and living in humid ass Mississippi meant you had a perm if your mother loved you at all! I've never really known my Natural hair and this Natural hair journey has been wonderful and enlightening.

Now, it seems that the majority of the Newly Natural are YOUNGER than me. I have no numbers or stats but I'd guess the majority are younger than 30. It might even be younger than 25 but like I said....not real data, but I'm pretty sure that the majority of the Naturals are way younger than my ass. They are stylish, skinny, confident and lovely. I am stylish (for 40), NOT SKINNY, gaining confidence daily and feeling kinda lovely on most days.

I don't wanna see this Natural explosion as fashion driven but even if it is, I'm here to stay. When I get on Natural hair websites I feel like I'm babysitting! I'm on forums with college students who have no kids and think spending $30 on a jar of hair gel is a crime against nature! Where the hell are the older Naturals? I understand I'm coming into this game in the 7th inning but DAMN!

I honestly don't feel I'm too old to be Natural but I do feel a little left out in some blogs and styles. Nonetheless, I'm here and I'll continue to look at the pics on the blogs of the younguns as they shake their skinny asses in too tight/short/sheer clothes in the clubs they live in till the wee hours of the morning. I ain't clubbin no more and I'm yawning by 11:00 pm as well as getting brats to bed after homework, bath and dinner. I'm a Natural....just a mature one and happy to be in the company of the young ones....

Just wanna see more of us sometimes.
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  1. It doesn't matter at all. In these times, people are more open to different styles.


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