Love My Locs - Barbara

at 8 years

Why did you decide to grow locs and how long have you been loc’d?
I decided to grow locs 10 years ago. It was the final journey for my hair. As a teen, I put my hair through every fad you could think of. Jheri curls, asymmetric bobs, extreme color, and the like. Then when I grew tired of frying my hair, I began to use braid extensions as a way to give my hair a break. Went through the gamut of those as well. Crochet braids ended my extension journey and I wound up with a Foxy Brown afro. That in itself took about eight years. In 2001 I went to Jamaica for a wedding and had my afro done in two strand twists. I had them for 9.5 years and then decided to take them down in 2010. I'm starting a new set now. No pics of the new babies as yet but updates are coming:)

at 4 years

What is your current regimen?
I do a presoak of aloe and coconut oil. I have a large aloe plant in the backyard which I use bi weekly. I scrape out the gel and blend with a little coconut oil and let sit for about an hour. Then I use Dr Bronners liquid soap which is very gentle and smells great. When I twist I have a spray bottle of homemade moisturizer: honey, coconut oil, and water. Works like magic:)

What are 4 products you use regularly?
Dr Bronners organic liquid soap, Aloe, coconut oil, and my homemade moisturizer.

What advice would you give to someone wanting locs?
Do it for you. Not for fad or any other reason that isn’t your final decision.

Where can we find you?

Is there anything else you want to add?
Love your blog and I feel blessed to be featured

new set


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