Sassy Natural's Top Moisturizers


I get a lot of questions on what I use to keep my hair moisturized. I have made a list of the products I use on a regular or daily basis.

     1.   WATER
  • There is no better hydrator than water. Don't be shy, your hair loves it!

      *Tip: after conditioning, rinse with cool water to lock the moisture into your hair cuticles.

      *Tip: I use a (water + aloe vera juice) spritzer to moisturize between washes

     2.   Coconut Oil
  • I use coconut oil daily because it is a light oil and a natural anti-humectant

     3.   Jojoba Oil
  • Light oil and virtually odorless. Great for your hair and scalp. This oil is closest to your scalp's natural sebum. I use it in any butter mixture I make

     4.   EVOO
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great treatment for your hair. It can be used as a pre-poo, a hot oil treatment, and for dry thick hair it can be applied directly to hair for moisture (EVOO is very heavy so use in moderation)

    5.   Shea Butter
  • It is a natural emollient and anti-humectant. A thick butter with a nutty scent that I mainly use as a base for my cream mixtures

    6.   Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding
  • I use this sparingly as an on-the-go cream. Its a more heavy cream (greasy) and smells like mint. It gives a great shine

    7.   Afroveda's Shea Amla
  • The ingredients in this cream are awesome. I use it at least twice a week at night. It has an overwhelming scent of frankincense and myrrh.

**SN: the great thing about coconut, jojoba, and shea is that they are excellent for the skin as well. I no longer buy lotion!


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