Love Our Natural Hair Community!

It has been almost 9 months since I chopped my hair off and joined the natural hair community! I must say I am really enjoying my journey. I absolutely LOVE how close our community is. I find myself talking to other naturals constantly. Whether it’s the grocery store, the gym, or work…we are everywhere lol. What I find amazing is that we admire and inspire one another.

I never really experienced this when I was relaxed. Sure, I received compliments and a question or two about what I do to my hair, but never to this magnitude. We never had “relaxed hair” meet and greets! There weren’t product swaps or “Girl, where did you buy your Pump It Up?”

I think there is a deeper significance to this whole natural thing. I think it represents empowerment for many. More importantly, it brings unity. It’s great to mingle with other ladies upon the basis of hair, but escape into a world of other meaningful topics. Politics, debates, careers, society, relationships, networking…the list goes on. Accepting our natural beauty and helping others accept theirs is a wonderful thing! Some women are learning to love themselves more and accept their natural beauty since going natural. Building confidence in women and especially in girls is important in this society.

Ladies, keep loving everything about yourselves...starting from the inside and working your way out


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