Rose Water and Glycerin Mix


I ran out of my rosewater and glycerin pre-mixed spray, so I decided to make my own this time. I purchased Frontier vegetable glycerin and Alwadi rosewater. I used a 4 oz. bottle, put 2 parts rosewater, 1 part aloe vera juice, and about 1 tbs. of glycerin.

If you plan to try it, you can play around and do variations to find what does well with your coils. Do not use too much glycerin unless you want sticky hair! Be sure to refrigerate afterwards.

This spritzer is a great way to add moisture to your hair between washes. Today I am using it to do dry twists. If you try it, come back and let me know how it worked out for you and your recipe used!

Glycerin is great for your hair because it attracts water and water=moisture. Rose water increases bloodflow to the scalp, which promotes hair growth.


  1. I never thought about using rose water! Great mix, thanks for sharing!

  2. I use glycerin mixed with an herbal tea blend of horsetail, coltsfoot, nettele, & lavender, and aloe vera juice. I also add a bit of vodka as preservative. Other herbs you can use are green tea, chamomile tea, and African rooibos tea.

  3. @ButterscotchBB Now your mix sounds great! I have not heard of a few of those teas, but I will google. I heard of putting alcohol in it but was sceptic. Now I see its true!


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